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Translation agency
Our specialization: Russian, English, German. All types of transfers on any profile.

Corporate correspondence, thematic reports, brochures, instructions and presentations. Translations in exhibitions, conferences, symposiums.
Our aim has been to offer our customers a guarantee of cost, quality and quick delivery. We have always stood apart from our competitors due to our capacity to integrate technology into the translation process.We appoint our technical translators from diverse branches of sciences and engineering including petroleum engineers, chemical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, physicists, mining engineers, mechanical engineers, etc. These translators are preferred not just on the basis of their educational qualification but also on the basis of their work experience so that they can deliver efficient technical translation services. Our technical translators are one of the best and can carefully translate the broad variety of technical data and information in:

  • Automotive/Automobile
  • Technical operations and maintenance manuals
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Electronics
  • Energy/Power Generations
  • Manufacturing procedures and quality-control documentations
  • Technical specifications
  • Complex Industrial process descriptions
  • Science 
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